BitCOAL making cryptocurrency simple

BitCOAL is a next generation of secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency. It was designed as a no frills currency, accessible to the masses.

BitCOAL's security comes from its decentralization, this means that it's a secure digital cash operation that is run by a network of users. Third-parties do not need to be trusted to keep your BitCOAL safe.
BitCOAL runs on the Cryptonote algorhythm so it uses ring signatures. This means it becomes incredibly difficult for people to see where, how much and who coins are being transferred to.
Low Fee
BitCOAL is proud to be a viable alternative to a number of many expensive cryptocurrencies. With a super low transfer fee 0.01 (circa $0.0019) BitCOAL is more usable than ever.
At BitCOAL we are proud to be provide lightning fast transactions. So when you send coins there is no more waiting hours, days or even weeks (in some cases) for your coins to arrive.

BitCOAL making crypto simple.

BitCoal is a next generation forknote privacy coin. With lightning fast transactions and a growing community of grassroots miners, COAL gives the working people of the world a coin they can count on.

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Using BitCOAL is as simple as 1,2,3…

Getting your head around cryptocurrencies can be hard enough. At BitCOAL we have made it as simple as possible for you to get online and start using the best currency as easily as humanly possible. Our developers have created a one stop solution for users to not only send and receive coins, but also mine with any hardware you might have! Laptops, Computers, Supercomputers? It all works.


Download and sync the wallet


Mine straight from the wallet


Accept and send any coins you have

BitCOAL Wallet and Source Code

Our bespoke GUI wallet is what has lead to the mass use of the BitCOAL coin. The BitCOAL wallet contains an integrated miner and block explorer. At the moment we are able to provide a pre-compiled windows .exe or the GitHub source code.

Windows Download (.exe)
GitHub Source Code
BitCOAL Wallet and Miner

Mining Pools and Live Price

Mining Pools

A mining pool allows miners to work alongside a number of other miners, in turn allowing the miners to group their hashpower together in return the miners get a share of the rewards. This is normally more profitable than solo mining. Here are a couple pools that are currently known:
**OFFICIAL POOL** - 0.50% fee Selva Host - 1% fee
Mypool - 1% fee Democats - 1% fee

Live BitCOAL Price

Looking to buy some BitCOAL?

As of now, we are listed on two exchanges where you can trade your Bitcoal: Cryptopia & TradeOgre. We are in the process of listing Bitcoal on Yobit, more exchanges will come soon after.

Visit: Cryptopia Visit: TRADEOGRE

BitCOAL latest updates

At BitCOAL we are very fast paced, see some of the updates below. If you want to get updates immediately subscribe for email updates.

  • BitCOAL Homepage relaunch

    After a community take over work is well any truly happening. After a couple of long nights/days - we have had one of our recently joined community members join the team and develop the new homepage. The aim for the new site is to become a central hu...

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